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About Illuminate Your Connection

Illuminate Your Connection LLC was founded to help individuals gain knowledge and support with parenting and anxiety. Illuminate Your Connection serves parents of teenagers who are struggling with their parenting journey and feel ill equipped with how to have a long lasting connection with their teen. 

In addition, Illuminate Your Connection serves individuals who struggle with anxiety and sport anxiety. These individuals are looking for tools and strategies to help them manage their anxiety through self help products or courses. 

Illuminate Your Connection is a coaching and consulting business offering products to help people illuminate their path that is there but just hidden in the darkness of anxiety and doubt. We offer courses that are self paced so it's convenient and easy to navigate on your own time.


Feeling distant with your teenager and don't know how to reconnect?

I've created a Free mini parenting course on how to bond with your distant teenager. 

Create the bond you have always wanted just in these 5 lessons of bite sized educational tutorials, journal prompts, worksheets, and more. Sign up and get free parent coaching today!  

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