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Parent Coach & Founder 

I am a parent coach, expert teen therapist, and founder of Illuminate Your Connection. I have over 12 years of experience providing therapy services to teenagers, helping teens become more confident, assertive, and cope with life's challenges and struggles.


My therapy practice Ashley Hudson Therapy is in Orange County, CA where I specialize working with teenagers who struggle with anxiety, sport anxiety, grief and loss, and conflicts in friendships and relationships.  So, I definitely know what your teenager needs from you to feel comfortable and safe going to you in times of distress.


Seeing over hundreds of teenagers in the counseling room, I can wholeheartedly report to you parents that your teenager desperately wants to be close to you and feel connected to you while they navigate the struggles of adolescence.

Illuminate Your Connection LLC was born out of a deep desire to support parents in their journey with teenagers, helping parents build a loving and enduring relationship with their adolescent children.


My mission at Illuminate Your Connection is to provide parents with practical tools and guidance. I am dedicated to helping parents like yourself find your way through the sometimes daunting world of parenting. My self-paced parenting courses are designed with your convenience in mind, allowing you to navigate this journey at your own pace.

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