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For the parents who want to transform their relationships with their teens.

The Connection Mini Course

Fast track your path to a
deep, authentic relationship with your teen.

Mother and Daughter
Your teen locked themselves in their room again when you attempted to communicate family expectations.
When did this get so hard?
Just yesterday, they were a smiling, happy child. Now, you can’t go a day without a moody outburst.
It’s hard to have a basic conversation, let alone one that goes into the “harder” topics like their friends, grades, or future plans.

This is the question so many parents have, and after sitting down with over 760 teenagers in the therapy room, there is one thing I know for sure:


You don’t have to have all the answers; you just need a genuine desire to love your teen the best way possible and with the right approach.


What is the right approach?

It needs a clear intention to avoid the 4 most common parenting mistakes.

Poor communication

of expectations.

Lack of

genuine interest

in your teen.

Bad listening skills

and overreacting or dismissing

your teen.

Not laying out a plan to rebuild trust and repair disconnection.

However, these mistakes are common; most parents are making at least one of them and may not even realize it.
There is a proven, evidence-based way to fix each of these mistakes so you can create a deeply connected relationship with your team, and I want to show you how!
Hi, I'm Ashley
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Parent Coach, and founder of Illuminate Your Connection

I am passionate about working with parents and teens and helping them build a lifelong connection.


After 11 years of serving teenagers, children, and parents as a therapist, I have seen what works and what doesn’t work when fostering a positive relationship.


Illuminate Your Connection was founded to help parents who desire a better relationship with their teenagers and seek effective and practical strategies to foster connection.


If you want to become your teen’s trusted guide and hero, you’re in the right place.


Keep reading to discover how you can overcome the 4 most common parenting mistakes and foster a great relationship with your teen.

I've helped thousands of parents of teens connect with their teenagers and build communication and trust with their teens, and you’re next!

Introducing ...


the-connection-mini-course (2).png

The 60-minute path to trust, open communication, and closeness

with your teenager.

Understand how your parenting style and expectations influence the connection.


Discover how to connect with your teen and engage in their world genuinely.


Find out how to repair and rebuild trust.


The Connection Mini Course takes what I’ve learned from meeting over 760 teenagers in the therapy room and helps you apply it to your relationship with your teen.



We accomplish this with 4 key lessons designed to help you overcome each of the 4 most common parenting mistakes:

Diagnose Your Parenting Style

Get concrete strategies to authentically show interest in your teenager, ensuring they feel valued and appreciated and creating an environment where they know you genuinely want to engage in their world.

Make It About Them

Understand the role of trust in fostering connection and get specific steps to rebuild trust and repair the parent-teen relationship.

Discover which parenting style you have and how your parenting style impacts how you connect with your teen.

Get Interested

Find out how to foster a flourishing relationship with your teenager by making them feel seen and heard.

Rebuild Trust

The Connection Mini Course includes...

All 4 On-Demand lessons you can listen to at any time and on repeat.


Worksheets to help you implement what you learn right away.


“It has taught me a new way to talk, relate to my teen, and open up the lines of communication in our relationship.”

-Renee G, CA


"The course gave me the tools to implement better responses to my teen and to work towards meeting him where he is at." 

-Kelly B, NY 


“It provided me with practical and actionable ways that I could immediately implement in connecting with my teen.”

- Elizabeth M, CA


Start creating your success story today!

  • What if I don’t have time to watch the videos and complete the worksheets?
    You have lifetime guaranteed access to the program which means you can consume the materials at any time and as often as you want. If you need to take a break at any point, you can always pick it up when you need too. The course is accessible on your phone through a web browser so you can listen to the videos whenever you want.
  • What if I don't have the money to pay for the course?
    I totally get that making an invest like this might not be something you are use too. That's why I am offering a payment plan option. In addition, an average parent sending their teen to weekly therapy with me would be $9,000 a year. Spoken as a therapist, I can tell you that the teen coming to therapy is only going to go so far if the parent isn't also willing to do the work as well. I wish more of the parents of my clients started off with taking my $249 course that would have sped the process, solidified long lasting results, and saved them time and money in the long run. The Connected Parent is one of the more economical ways to start changing your relationship with information that actually works.
  • Wouldn't it be better for me to work with you privately versus take the course?
    Working with someone privately can be really powerful. I require all my private clients to go through this course first because it is super important to have this foundational knowledge. This course will provide a good base line to getting you prepared to take the next step to working with me or someone else privately.

Unlock the path to a harmonious parent-teen relationship: get proven strategies to understand, connect, and thrive together inside the Connection Mini Course


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