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 For Moms Struggling To Parent Their Teens:

Open Up Communication and
Re-ignite Your Relationship
With Your Teen in Less
Than 5 weeks

I'll never forget the time I told my mom "I hate you"...

...and it was because I couldn't find a shirt in the laundry room.

I thought my mother didn’t care when I asked for help so, I screamed those three letter words “I hate you" and my mom yelled back "I hate you too." Insistently, I felt awful.  My 15 year old self was overwhelmed with being a teenager. And saying I hated my mom was the exact opposite of how I felt. 


I remember crying silently feeling so defeated and alone, like no one understood me. 

Working with teenagers, I have really resonated with their pain and suffering. They say one thing and mean another. Now that I am a mother of boys, I understand my mom was overworked, exhausted, burnout, and completely over her head. I can see she probably felt rejected as well. Both myself and my mom didn’t mean to say those hurtful things.


We were both looking to connect with each other and feel understood.

Whether you have experienced this exact situation or something similar, you know things need to change...

3 Signs Your Relationship With Your Teen

Needs Work


You feel helpless and inadequate

as a parent

(but it wasn't always like this).


You feel lost and confused on how to talk and interact with your teenager without getting yelled at.


If things continue as they have been, you are scared you will have no relationship with your future adult child

Imagine if your teen wanted to spend time with you like they did when they were younger...

 It is possible to restore your relationship with your teen and it doesn't have to take years, what if you created results like this in just a few weeks:


Every day you are communicating with your teenager confidently because you "get" them and what they will respond too. 

You use to envy other parents' positive relationships with their teenagers but now, people look to you as the model parent.

Your teenager goes to you for advice, feedback, and a supportive ear because they know you will listen and provide the help they need.

​You trust and know that your relationship with your teenager will be life long because of the connection you built. 

If a disagreement comes your way, you know how to resolve it fast so it doesn't cause long term issues.  

Your teen regularly shows you love through their words and actions and you know they appreciates you.



I am a parent coach specialist with nearly 11 years experience in the mental health industry. I have a license to practice marriage and family therapy in the state of California. My greatest passion is working with parents and teens on closing the gap in their relationship. 

I founded Illuminate Your Connection, a parent coaching service to serve parents of teenagers who are struggling with illuminating the path to connection with their teen. I help parents who are  desperately wanting a better relationship with their teens and are looking for effective and practical strategies and tools to feel confident while doing it.

I know first hand how difficult the teenage years were and wanting as a teen to be loved and feel connected with my parents.

That is why it is so important for me to help teenagers in my therapy practice build the skills to have healthy relationships and to coach parents in becoming their teen's trusted guide and hero.

Research states that the #1 protective factor against teen mental health problems is a consistent and caring relationship with an adult... that is you moms!

The solution to re-igniting your relationship with your teen is creating CONNECTION.

When I start working with a new teenager in the therapy room, I ask them, "Who are you closest to in your life?" The ultimate gauge of your teen's connection lies in their response, where the ideal answer is, "I am closest to my mom."  Following that, I inquire about the reasons behind their closeness. Most teenagers say...


" I can tell them anything, they understand me, they listen to me, and they "get" me. They truly see me."

When you were a teenager, what would your answer have been?

Mother and Daughter

After sitting with over 760 teenagers in the therapy room, I've seen what works and what doesn't work when it comes to building connection between a parent and a teen and I want to share those things with you.


 The Connected Parent:

Discover how to communicate with confidence, establish deep respect, and create a lifelong connection between you and your teenager in 5 weeks or less.

the-connected-parent-course (1200 × 900 px).png

The Connected Parent is all about learning how to connect with your teenager while becoming a confident parent in the process.


It all starts with laying a solid foundation! Learn the key foundational elements to creating and nourishing connection between you and your teenager.


Gain awareness of your barriers to connection and all the causes of disconnection that are stopping you from having a life long relationship with your teenager.


Learn the four crucial components of making a powerful and meaningful bond with your teen that will establish deep respect, understanding, and trust.


Implement the top strategies and tools to spark closeness and communication with your teen so you know your doing it right.


Discover the roadmap to repair your relationship and stay on track with knowing the sure ways with maintaining connection with your teenager.


If you have done the work, you have already seen results at this point and you feel empowered, equipped, and confident to move forward with the relationship you built.

the-connected-parent (5).png
What's included inside The Connected Parent Program

5 module, on demand, virtual parenting curriculum that shows you how to build and nurture connection with your teenager and create the relationship of your dreams

71 + page workbook with worksheets, guides, and journal prompts to help you implement what you are learning right away.

Lifetime access to the self-pace Connected Parent program that will give you the effective strategies and tools to become closer to your teenager.



Bonus Training: pre-recorded workshop on how to get your teenager to respect you while building connection. 

Bonus Guide: 14 Ways to Reduce Your Teenager's Anxiety


Bonus Guide: A List of What Your Teen Secretly Wants From You


Bonus Guide: The Ultimate Ways to Boost Your Teen's Confidence


Are you ready for a change?

Let's work together to create a shift in your relationship with your teen so they actually want to spend time with you and involve you in their life.

Click below to get access today!


Payment Plan

Lifetime Access to Course 

(Valued at $997)

5 Modules

21 Video Lessons

70 Worksheets and Journal Prompts

(Valued over $1000)


The Connected Parent Workbook

(Valued at $500)

Bonus #1
14 Ways to Reduce Your Teenager’s Anxiety

(Value at $99)

Bonus #2
List of What Your Teen Secretly Wants From You

(Value at $39)

Bonus #3
The Ultimate Ways to Boost Your Teen’s Confidence

(Value at $127)

Bonus #4
Pre-recording Training How to Get Your Teen to Respect You

(Value at $49)

Total Value: $2,811



Pay in Full


Lifetime Access to Course 

(Valued at $997)

5 Modules

21 Video Lessons

70 Worksheets and Journal Prompts

(Valued over $1000)


The Connected Parent Workbook

(Valued at $500)

Bonus #1
14 Ways to Reduce Your Teenager’s Anxiety

(Value at $99)

Bonus #2
List of What Your Teen Secretly Wants From You

(Value at $39)

Bonus #3
The Ultimate Ways to Boost Your Teen’s Confidence

(Value at $127)

Bonus #4
Pre-recording Training How to Get Your Teen to Respect You

(Value at $49)

Total Value: $2,811



(save $42)


Case Study: Meet Kelly

(mom of 2 teenagers)

My relationship with my teenage child was shattered. Two years of almost complete silence. I have tried so many things. It was getting to the point I was considering sending him to a facility. I followed this course almost to the letter as it seems like the last chance.


Ashley Hudson gave me the tools to do the hard work. She has such amazing insight into the teenage child. She helped me create connection by opening myself up to better communication to better behaviors. Over the course.


As I implemented what I learned from Ashley, my son went from not talking to me, to saying I love you almost everyday. The change is unbelievable. I would not believe it if I hadn’t seen it my self. I don’t cry everyday anymore. I wake up with hope.

The work is hard, reaching toward patience, and empathy. There is no quick fix. But absolutely she gave me the tools to examine better responses to my child to work toward finding how to meet him where he is.


I have done everything: books, psychologists, psychiatrists, and classes. The structure of the course sets you up for success. It’s bit sized videos makes change feel not overwhelming. The in-person sessions, Ashley makes you feel supported and helps you see how to apply better techniques in your own life. The extra communications also made me feel so supported toward the goal of repair.


As a medical doctor, I can fix so many things. But I could not do this by myself.


I thank God for Ashley Hudson.


The Connected Parent is a powerful system for parents who want to see real change in their relationship with their teenager but it's not for everybody. This course is going to work best for you if you are...

  • motivated to fix your relationship with their teen.

  • aware that there is a disconnection. 

  • want to feel connected with their teenager and their teenager to feel connected to them.

  • second guessing yourself with how to interact, respond, and engage with their teenager.

  • crave to be close with their teen so they can have a life long relationship well into their future adult child's life. 


What is the alternative to investing in your teenager and becoming a Connected Parent?

Unsure and scared of what the future holds. Questioning yourself, "Will my soon adult child want to involve me in their life?"

Exhausted and drained emotionally and financially with all the failed attempts at services, therapies, and coaching.

Being filled with resentment for the yelling and silence and taking it out on yourself and others around you.

Continuing to go through the motions hoping your teen will one day magically understand the disconnection between you two.


Meet Elizabeth: 

(mom of 2 teenagers)

The Connected Parent provided me with practical and actionable ways that I could immediately implement in connecting with my teen. I not only felt that it helped me with a better connection with my teen but I feel that the strategies discussed will benefit my connections with people overall such as at work and in my marriage.

Screen Shot 2023-03-21 at 11.04.01 PM (1).png

Here are what more parents are saying about The Connected Parent

 The Connected Parent taught me a new way to talk and relate to my teen and open up the lines of communication in our relationship.

My teen has had challenges with anxiety and The Connected Parent provided tools to help me understand her and support her through those episodes.  I would recommend any parent with a teen to take this course to create a stronger relationship during these challenging years.

- Renee G

(mom of teen daughter)

This course helped me so much in understanding how to build more of a connection with my teen. 

- Chelsee M

(mom of teen daughter)

I definitely have practical tips that I can implement to improve my relationship with my teen.

- Mayra

(mom of teen daughter and son)


Money Back Guarantee

You have two business days from the time of purchase to request a refund, no questions asked. After that period, all sales are final and no refunds are offered.

badge (1).png
  • What if I don’t have time to watch the videos and complete the worksheets?
    You have lifetime guaranteed access to the program which means you can consume the materials at any time and as often as you want. If you need to take a break at any point, you can always pick it up when you need too. The course is accessible on your phone through a web browser so you can listen to the videos whenever you want.
  • What if I don't have the money to pay for the course?
    I totally get that making an invest like this might not be something you are use too. That's why I am offering a payment plan option. In addition, an average parent sending their teen to weekly therapy with me would be $9,000 a year. Spoken as a therapist, I can tell you that the teen coming to therapy is only going to go so far if the parent isn't also willing to do the work as well. I wish more of the parents of my clients started off with taking my $249 course that would have sped the process, solidified long lasting results, and saved them time and money in the long run. The Connected Parent is one of the more economical ways to start changing your relationship with information that actually works.
  • Wouldn't it be better for me to work with you privately versus take the course?
    Working with someone privately can be really powerful. I require all my private clients to go through this course first because it is super important to have this foundational knowledge. This course will provide a good base line to getting you prepared to take the next step to working with me or someone else privately.

Frequently Asked Questions


Future Connected Parent,

I know you are at your wits end wondering what to do and where to go from here. Teenage years are so hard and lonely. You truly want your teenager to succeed in life and be there along the way cheering them on. But it’s hard feeling so beat down. I feel it in my heart to help parents and teenagers be connected so teenagers don’t have to feel alone and parents will feel confident in their relationship with them. I want to let you know that you can do this! You can keep going, keep plugging away, and guess what you can feel good while parenting your teenager. It is possible to truly be the confident and connected parent you always wanted to be. Your teenager is counting on it!

- Ashley

P.S. You are needed and loved just as much as your teenager wants to feel needed and loved.

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