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What Is It, Why You Need One, and How I Can Help

Expert coaching to break down barriers and create connections with your teen

The teenage years with your child is quite the journey, filled with challenges and unexpected twists. From the tantrums of toddlerhood to the calm of elementary school, you may find yourself unprepared for the newfound independence and apparent rejection your teen displays.


Parents often feel helpless with their teen's rollercoaster of emotions. You search for a parenting support group, only to find none, and the bustling lives of fellow moms hinder any chance of validation and belonging. This is where parent coaching steps in, offering professional guidance and effective strategies to better your relationship with your teenager.


This is why parent coaching  is incredibly helpful. 

3 Common Struggles You Are

Having With Your Teen

Your teen purposely shuts you out by not engaging in conversations with you or slamming their bedroom door.


Your teen says to you, "I am never enough for you mom." Yet all you have ever wanted is the best for your teen.


You are constantly walking on eggshells around your teenager not knowing if you are going to say the right thing or not.


I'm Ashley.


In my 12 years as a teen therapist, I’ve cultivated a unique set of skills through helping countless teenagers navigate their challenges. While many parent coaches lack this insight, I bring a deep understanding of your teen’s motivations, goals, desires, and struggles. My experience in addressing anxiety, depression, trauma, and grief equips me with a valuable skill set for assisting parents.


Recognizing a gap in therapy, I saw teens improve their confidence and coping skills but later on would relapse back into their mental health struggles. There was and still is a missing piece when helping teenagers and their mental health. The relationship between the teen and parents is vital to teenager’s thriving in this world. 


I became a parent coach to bridge that missing piece—parents like you. My goal is to reignite the connection between you and your teenager, providing the support they crave and the confidence you need to communicate effectively.


Parent coaching services are the solution for moms seeking personalized strategies to foster open communication, trust, and connection with their teens. 

Explore my services to discover the tailored options that will transform your relationship with your teen.


That is why I became a parent coach to help parents feel confident in knowing how to talk to their teenager, which creates lifelong connection and support for each other during these hard times.

Understanding Parent Coaching

A solution, action-oriented, and compassionate approach to parenting teens.

  • Our parent coaching sessions yield tangible results backed by evidenced based research.

  • Supportive and non-judgmental environment when discussing your child's behavior.

  • Includes a tailored plan aligned with your specific parenting goals.

  • Gaining confidence in your parenting, certainty in your follow through, and feeling capable with re-igniting connection with your teenager.

Effective connection based techniques to increase closeness and communication.

  • Decoding what your teenager is truly trying to communicate and discerning their unspoken needs.

  • Identifying the parenting challenges that are causing disconnection.

  • Parenting techniques that install positive changes within the whole family.

  • Fostering connection and a deep understanding of your teen's perspective.


Who can benefit from working
with a parent consultant?

Parents of teenagers who want to learn and improve on their relationship with their teenager.


Anxious mothers who are worried and fearful of not having a future relationship with their teenager


Parents who fall on deaf ears when you try and talk with your teen.


Mothers of teens who have tried everything and nothing seems to work. 

How Coaching For Parents Can Help


Deeper understanding of what your teen needs and wants from you.

Effective communication between your teenager that resolve conflict.

A stronger closeness with your teen through connection based strategies.

A roadmap to repair the disconnect and mistrust with your teen.

Awareness of the barriers and causes of tension and fighting.

Specific techniques to fix the hurt and anger between you and your teen.

Are you ready for your teenager to not be a stranger in  your own home?

Let's work together to build genuine communication; encouraging your teenager to open up to you, actively seek your company, and proudly share with others how close they are to you. 

Enroll today to begin parent coaching!

Coaching Packages

The financial investment is priceless compared to the knowledge, confidence, and closeness gained through the support of parent coaching.

Why Choose Illuminate Your Connection 
For Parent Coaching

Where expert coaching guidance transforms

parents into trusted guides

  • Licensed mental health therapist with over 12+ years working with teenagers and parents.

  • Seen over hundreds of teenagers in the therapeutic setting.

  • Provides the exact tools and strategies to strengthen connection between parents and teenagers.

  • Passionate about helping parents support and help their teenager through depression and anxiety.

  • First hand knowledge of how much teenagers desperately need and want their parent's support and relationship.

When Illuminate Your Connection 

is NOT for You

You feel indifferent about your  teenager. You simply don't care if things get better between you and your child.

You are unwilling to put work into changing and building a connection with your teenager.

You feel that your teen is 100% of the problem and the cause of disconnection has nothing to do with you.




Coaching for Parent's FAQs

  • What if I don’t have time to watch the videos and complete the worksheets?
    You have lifetime guaranteed access to the program which means you can consume the materials at any time and as often as you want. If you need to take a break at any point, you can always pick it up when you need too. The course is accessible on your phone through a web browser so you can listen to the videos whenever you want.
  • What if I don't have the money to pay for the course?
    I totally get that making an invest like this might not be something you are use too. That's why I am offering a payment plan option. In addition, an average parent sending their teen to weekly therapy with me would be $9,000 a year. Spoken as a therapist, I can tell you that the teen coming to therapy is only going to go so far if the parent isn't also willing to do the work as well. I wish more of the parents of my clients started off with taking my $249 course that would have sped the process, solidified long lasting results, and saved them time and money in the long run. The Connected Parent is one of the more economical ways to start changing your relationship with information that actually works.
  • Wouldn't it be better for me to work with you privately versus take the course?
    Working with someone privately can be really powerful. I require all my private clients to go through this course first because it is super important to have this foundational knowledge. This course will provide a good base line to getting you prepared to take the next step to working with me or someone else privately.

Transform your parent-teen relationship today. Enroll in parent coaching sessions that will not only bridge the communication gap but also create a deeper, more fulfilling connection between you and your teenager.

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