Are you ready to be... your teenager's trusted guide and hero?

In my online course How to Connect With Your Teenager, you will learn specific strategies to bond with your teen, feel prepared with any situation that comes your way, and become a confident parent that everyone notices. 

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Course for Parents of Teens

How To Connect
With Your Teenager

Take A Moment and Imagine... 

Every day you are parenting your teenager with confidence because you know that you and your teen have a solid connection. 


Your teenager goes to you for advice, feedback, and a supportive ear because they know you will listen and provide the help they need.


Whatever situation comes your way, you know how to connect and repair the relationship between you and your teen.

You use to envy of other parent's positive relationship with their teenager and now, you are the model parent.



You trust and know that your relationship with your teenager will be life long because of the connection you built. 



You are certain that you are needed and enough for your teenager to thrive and be able to connect with other people

This can happen... I've seen it with my clients!

You know things need to change...

You feel helpless and inadequate on how to connect with your teenager
You feel lost and confused on how to talk and interact with your teenager
You are scared you will have an estrange relationship with your future adult child.

Do you want to feel confident and be wanted by your teen?

In this parenting course, you'll learn:

The key foundation elements to creating and nourishing connection between you and your teenager.

Identify the biggest barriers to creating long lasting connection.

Understand what are causing disconnect in your relationship with your teen.

Four crucial components of connection that will close the distance between you your teen. 

Specific strategies and tools to connect and feel needed and a good enough parent.

Steps to bond with your distant teen who will feel loved and supported by you.

Gain awareness into the fears and doubts

of being a parent of a teenager.

Learn how to repair disconnection and build a long lasting relationship. 



Hi, I'm Ashley!

I am a parent coach specialist with nearly 11 years experience in the mental health industry. I have a license to practice marriage and family therapy in the state of California. My greatest passion is working with teenagers and parents close the gap in their relationship. 

I know first hand how difficult the teenage years were and all you wanted as a teen was to be loved and connected with your parents. 

I founded Illuminate Your Connection, a coaching service to serve parents of teenagers and individuals who are struggling with illuminating the connection that is already before them. I help parents who desperately want a connection with their teens and just need the right strategies and tools to feel confident. 

I'm here to show you how!

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Online course with 1.5 hours of video content, 21 lessons, over 20 journal prompts, guides, and tools, and live group coaching calls. Combined with my hourly coaching fee, this is worth over $3,000.

Here is what you get! 

Direct access to a parent coach who is an expert in teens. ME! 

A video-based online course with bite-sized trainings to maximize your learning.


Worksheets that are specifically made to map out your plan in growing your connection.

Journal prompts help you gain self awareness in your strengths and weaknesses of creating a bond with your teenager.


Lists and guides that will support your success in closing the gap between you and your teen.

Live group coaching sessions so we can review the modules together and discuss any questions you might have. All coaching sessions are recorded, so if you can't make it or want to listen again, no worries.

Bonus resources to enhance your confidence as a parent. 

Who this course is for:

Parents of teenagers who are

  • motivated to fix the relationship with their teen.

  • aware that there is a disconnection. 

  • want to feel connected with their teenager and their teenager to feel connected to them.

  • second guessing yourself with how to interact, respond, and engage with their teenager.

  • crave to be close with their teen so they can have a life long relationship well into their future adult child's life. 

Course Content


It all starts with laying a solid foundation. I am going to educate you about what connection is and why connection with your teenager is necessary.

Sneak Peek Inside The Program 


Being aware of your barriers to connection is crucial with change. I will inform you on all the possible barriers that are stopping you from having a connection with your teen.


Understanding the cause of disconnection is the first step with the reconnection process. I outline the ways disconnection is present in your the relationship between you and your teen.


There are several components in building a strong bond. You will learn the most significant components in making a powerful and meaningful relationship with your teen.


Connection is where it's at! I will give you the top strategies on connecting with your teenager so you feel confident and your teen will feel loved.


There are going to misunderstandings and bumps in the road with your teen. I'll provide you the sure way to repair any disconnection so, you will stay on track with feeling connected and enough by your teen.

Kind Words from Clients

Her coaching style is thought provoking and collaborative - we worked together to problem solve and dig to the root of my problems. I was presented with intentional questions, strategies, and exercises that fostered growth and confidence in myself. -T.O.

Ashley is passionate about the clients she serves. Her dedication to helping teens and parents is admirable. I greatly appreciate her help and support. - M.L.

INVEST IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP your teenager is counting on it.