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Online parenting courses and coaching that help you build relationships and confidence in yourself and your teenager.

The following parenting courses and tools will help you illuminate the path that is before you

Parenting Courses & Coaching

Are you a parent who feels disconnected to their teenager (s)?

Not feeling needed or wanted by your teenager? Everyone knows being a parent of a teen isn't easy. You felt confident when they were little and now you feel helpless and disconnected with little direction. You pride yourself for being a good parent but your child grew up! Now, all you want is to feel confident, connected, and equipped with strategies to help your teenager with life's challenges. Illuminate Your Connection is here to help you! Check out How to Connect with Your Teenager Parenting Course an online parenting program to help parents of teenagers become certain, confident, connected, and capable to handle any challenge that comes their way.

Sport Anxiety

Do you have an athlete struggling with performance anxiety?

You may be watching your son or daughter start questioning whether or not they can continue playing with all these thoughts in their head. You see how they were once confident, passionate, and so sure of themselves and now, your son or daughter is anxious and fearful before and during games. They tell you they are constantly worried about their coach's expectations and what people are thinking of or if they mess up. You just want your athlete to trust themselves and feel the joy of the game again. Illuminate Your Connection is the place to be to reconnect with that self confidence and mental toughness you once saw in your child.


Do you -- like 40 million other Americans -- struggle with anxiety and are looking for relief?

You have been managing your anxiety for awhile until all the balls started to drop and you couldn't juggle it all. You are noticing the anxiety is bleeding into your relationships, work, school, family, and self-esteem. You are exhausted with doubting yourself and looking to others for approval. You just want to be that confident person you were before. Believe it or not, you are not alone. At Illuminate Your Connection, we have products that can help you manage your anxiety and feel confident again!



I am a licensed marriage and family therapist in Orange County, California. I have a private practice Ashley Hudson Therapy where I specializes working with teenagers, young adults, and parents of teens primarily focusing on rebuilding the parent child relationship, anxiety, and sport anxiety.


I am parent coach and the founder of Illuminate Your Connection LLC. I coach parents of teenagers who want to reconnect with their teen and close the emotional gap in their relationship. Due to being a collegiate Division 1 athlete, I enjoy helping teens and athletes reconnect with their passion for the game and confidence within themselves.

At Illuminate Your Connection, you will find courses and products that will help parents of teenagers feel enough and proud of themselves as parents. In addition, items to help athletes and anxious individuals feel more confident and illuminate the path before them. 


Clinical services are given in a therapeutic environment at Ashley Hudson Therapy for those of you in California. 

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Feeling distant with your teenager and don't know how to reconnect?

I've created a FREE mini parenting course on how to bond with your distant teenager. 

Create the bond you have always wanted just in these 5 lessons of bite sized educational tutorials, journal prompts, worksheets, and more. Sign up and get free parent coaching today!