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Expert parent coaching for the motivated and determined parents of teenagers

From stuck and having no idea on how to parent your teen to being confident and certain with your ability to connect and build the relationship you have always dreamed of.


The following parenting courses and tools will help you illuminate the path that is before you



Whether your teenager acts like they hate you or want nothing to do with you, It’s imperative you understand that your teenager NEEDS connection especially from YOU..


Parenting Teens Doesn't have to be...


Hurtful and angry words said to each other that left you feeling like a bad parent.

Constant battles:

The endless tug of war and power struggles that are redundant and leave you feeling exhausted and confused.

Silence for days:

Your teenager wanting nothing to do with you and you feeling ill-equipped on what to do.

Walking on eggshells:

Every time you try and make an effort, you get shot down and rejected.


Take your parenting to the next level

What I Offer


Parent Coaching

I help parents of teenagers develop effective and proven strategies to reconnect with their teenagers.


The Connected Parent

The Essential Roadmap to

Becoming Your Teen’s Trusted

Guide and Hero.


Social Media & Your Teen

I help parents know how to discuss the affects of social media on teens and how to limit social media in a relational and connecting way

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I'm Ashley and I'm a Parent Coach for Parents of Teenagers

I am a Parent Coach for Parents of Teenagers who want to feel closer to their teenager and be confident in building a relationship with their teen that will last.  In addition to being a parent coach, I’m a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist practicing in Orange County, CA since 2010. I specialize working with teenagers who struggle with anxiety, sport anxiety, grief and loss, and conflicts in friendships and relationships. I have helped hundreds of teenagers feel more confident, have better relationships with themselves and others, and feel empowered to communicate their needs with their loved ones.  So, I definitely know what your teenager needs from you to feel comfortable and safe going to you in times of distress. I went to UCDavis playing collegiate softball while earning my bachelors in Psychology. Since then, I received my Masters in Clinical Psychology at Azusa Pacific University and worked in the school district as a Mental Health Specialist for 6 years. The best part of my day is spending time with my three children and coaching parents of teens in becoming confident in their abilities to have a connecting relationship with their teen.

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My mission

Why Illuminate Your Connection?

Being a teen therapist for over 11 years, I have seen and heard what teenagers are experiencing and needing from their parents. Sometimes it is really difficult to get parents and teenagers together in the same room, especially the therapy room.  It’s really important for teenagers to have a confidential place to feel accepted and heard. However, I was hearing a lot of motivated parents wanting to know the exact secrets and strategies to feel closer with their teenagers. Parents want to have a better; more loving, more supportive, more trusting relationship with their teen.  That’s why I decided to make Illuminate Your Connection! By offering courses and products, I am able to help parents of teenagers bridge the gap between them and their teen. My commitment is to walk alongside parents going from feeling lost, stuck, and hopeless to feeling confident, certain, and capable.


Parenting Teens Can be...


You are able to meet your teenager’s needs and have memorable moments of joy, love, and comfort.


You are certain in your parenting  abilities that you can offer positive and healthy strategies.


You have confidence in yourself and in your relationship with your teenager.


You know you are capable of using your skills and abilities to get through challenges, difficulties, and repairs.

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