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If you are an overwhelmed parent of teenager that is looking for the exact reasons on why your teen is pushing you away,
this download is for you!

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Created by a parent coach and teen therapist with 11+ years experience.
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Ashley Hudson is a licensed marriage and family therapist and passionate parent coach who enjoys helping parents of teenagers reconnect with their teens and become the parent they always dreamed of.

6 Common Mistakes
You Are Making!

I've created a FREE download on 6 Common Mistake When Trying to Connect with Your Teenager. Here is what you will discover inside:
  • Learn what is counterintuitive in fostering a positive relationship with your teenager.

  • Understand the motivations behind why your teenager rejects you instead of welcoming closeness from you.

  • Aware of what negatively triggers your teenager so you can avoid what causes them to pull away, shut down, or argue with you. 

It is possible to build trust, respect, and open communication with your teen.

Get Access to Your Free PDF Below
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